Batman Day!

In honor of Batman’s 75th Anniversary, I wanted to write about the Caped Crusader himself!


I saw a post on Facebook this morning about how Batman has made the world a better place by being in it. Obviously, since The Dark Knight is a fictional character, he hasn’t really been physically in the world in the same sense that you and I have. However, since his creation, Batman has made quite the impact on people all around the world.

What Batman symbolizes is that any ordinary person can be a hero, and if your heart is in the right place, you can overcome all odds. It’s no wonder why Batman is close to the heart of ailing children, like Miles Scott, better known as “Batkid“. Batman is a hero that embodies the fact that “everything is possible”, even in your deepest, darkest moments. No matter the tragedy, misfortune, and pain you go through, you can always rise up out of it.

A lot of people who are more critical of Batman like to tease about the fact that Bruce Wayne is a rich playboy, so of course everything is easy for him. While this does indeed help when Bruce needs to acquire new gadgets or intel, his rich, playboy status has nothing to do with the abstract ideals that Batman stands for. Truth, justice- those are things that Batman fights for, and no matter how much money you throw at those ideas, you will never accomplish what The Dark Knight accomplishes because of his passion alone.

I think that’s a valuable lesson for people to learn. Just because you have money or don’t have money doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference. Stop focusing on the material aspects of your life and start focusing on how YOU affect PEOPLE. What do you stand for? What do you fight for? If someone looked at your life without speaking to you, what would they assume was most important to you?

Looking at Batman’s life, it’s easy to see what he really stands for: justice. He fights to make Gotham a better place. That’s his passion- not parties, drinking, and women. As fans, we all know that these things are just facades. Bruce’s heart is not in them.

Batman is important to people all over the world. We understand what he symbolizes. We wish there were superheroes in real life because we are passionate about people who will stand up and do something about the injustice they see around them. Why can’t that be you and me? The point of superheroes isn’t to have super powers that can melt steel or throw objects with the mind. The point of superheroes is to solve the problems that we are faced with every day, and to do it morally and ethically.

Today, we celebrate Batman’s 75th anniversary. For 75 years, we have had the Caped Crusader as a guide for how heroes act. For 75 years, Batman has shown us that any ordinary person can make a difference, that no matter your circumstances, you can be a hero. He has shown us that we cannot do it alone; we need to band together with others that share our passions and ethics for a better world. He has shown us that in order to make the world a better place, you must give yourself- 100% of yourself. You must live for the things that are most important, not just most important to you.

So let’s learn from the example the hero of Gotham has given us and be the heroes the world needs.


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