Can’t Watch This!

“When was the last time you watched something so scary, cringe-worthy, or unbelievably tacky — in a movie, on TV, or in real life — you had to cover your eyes?” – The Daily Post

Actually, I just saw something that did this to me the other day. Apparently my parents started recording a show called The Strain to the DVR and when I was just flipping through some of the stuff on there the other day, I came upon it.

WARNING: What follows will include spoilers from the pilot episode of The Strain.

Holy crap! First of all, let me just say that the show is actually really good. Pilot episodes of series tend to be the worst episodes aired, so for a pilot episode, The Strain got it right. It definitely sucked me in within the first five minutes of watching it. Add to this the fact that the first episode leaves you on a cliffhanger with so many questions in your mind, and… well, I want to keep watching it, definitely!

That being said, there are absolutely some moments when I had to look away from the screen- not because it was scary or tacky, but rather because it was gory. At one point, a heart in a jar comes back to life and a bunch of worm-looking parasites come out of it. At another point, the worm-parasites burrow into someone’s flesh. If you have any phobia of bugs at all, you probably don’t want to watch this show.

There was an autopsy scene where someone’s chest and abdomen were cut open, and lots of bloody violence in many scenes. But the thing that made me cringe the most- and I squealed and had to look away- was a scene where someone gets their head smashed in.

Now, I’m not talking blunt-force-weapon-to-the-head. I’m not even talking about a shot where they cut away and let you watch the shadow get beaten to death. This was a full-on shot of someone getting their head beat to a bloody pulp by a monster. The victim’s head squished like a melon. It lasted for several seconds, if not a whole minute. Nothing was hidden, no camera tricks were used. It was just a bloody, meaty mess. Absolutely disgusting. Had I had an upset stomach at all, I probably would have at least dry-heaved. That was not something I expected to see on cable television.

If that isn’t bad enough, after the monster leaves, the victim’s body twitches for several seconds afterward! The entire body is left intact. Only the head is desecrated, smashed so thoroughly that you can no longer see a face or even hair. It’s really nasty.

UGH. After watching that, I am scarred for life! I mean, I’ve seen some pretty nasty, gory stuff. I watch horror movies (and gore seems to be the only thing in them anymore). But I was not expecting something so horrific on cable television. Not to mention- there was no warning anywhere that it was going to be like this. The only warning that came up after the commercials had ended told viewers to beware of nudity (the two main characters are seen in their under clothes as they get into hazmat suits). NOTHING about the bloody violence!

Now that I expect that to happen, I’ll be able to prepare myself a little better for what might come, and it probably won’t bug me as badly. Plus, I can always fast-forward. And yes, that means I am going to continue watching the show. If it gets too much worse, I may have to stop, but I’m very intrigued by the story so far and I want to know what happens next, ha ha.

Hook, line, and sinker, I guess!


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