The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

This week’s blog post is gonna be kinda short, guys. Earlier this week I was challenged by two people to complete the ALS ice bucket challenge. I’ve embedded my video into this blog post, so make sure to watch it when you’re done reading!


If you don’t know what ALS is, you’re not alone. The disease is more commonly referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”. ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. It’s a neurological disease that basically causes the entire body to atrophy extremely quickly. Someone diagnosed with ALS literally withers away. Their muscles disintegrate, they lose control over their voluntary motor functions, and eventually even their involuntary functions- like breathing.

This is a terrible disease. The ice bucket challenge may be fun and it’s currently taking the country by storm, but it’s important to remember exactly what it’s promoting: the research for a cure for ALS. Patients with ALS often feel that they have no hope, but several have said that seeing the ice bucket challenge raising so much money gives them the hope that they have lost.

So if you don’t know what the ice bucket challenge is, look it up! There are lots of funny videos out there of people completing the challenge. If you don’t want to complete it, that’s okay. But if you have the ability to, donate to the cause!

That brings me to the next thing I want to talk about: donating. ALS Association has raised over 30 million bucks (the last time I checked) for ALS research, which is great, but I must warn you to beware of which organization you are donating to. ALSA uses embryonic stem cell research, which is a reason that I refuse to send them my donations. However, there are plenty of ethical organizations that do promote ALS research but do not use embryonic stem cells. A small list of places you can donate ethically is below (there are plenty more not listed here):

It’s wildly important to cure such a horrible disease as ALS. I feel deeply for patients who suffer from it, but for me, I cannot financially support a fund that I believe to be unethical, which is why I have done my own research and will be donating to one of the three funds I listed above! If you would like to donate, I encourage you to do the same!

(And also, you should totally do the challenge. It’s fun! :D)


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