Just A Nerdy Update

Here. Have a random funny.


One, you may have noticed that this last Wednesday did not bring with it a nerdy blog post. Oh noes! Well, I can assure you that I have not been swallowed up by a sarlacc or exposed to too much gamma radiation. I am alive and well! The reason why I did not post on Wednesday was because my birthday was this week! I was in a food coma and sugar-crashing hardcore. As a result, my brain was not functioning at full capacity, Captain! Pretty sure I did some internal damage with all the cheesecake I ate….

Two, in case you have not noticed, I have a fancy new header-picture-image-thing. Just look up from this post and you will see it. Yes, that IS Hollywood-style lettering! Woo!

C… sorry, Three, I have a Youtube account! I know that I link to my Facebook and Twitter a lot, but I don’t think that I link to my Youtube account very often. I don’t have much up right now, but I’ve got a few short films currently in the works. They will be uploaded to my channel when I am finished with them. I’ve been spending most of my video creativity and time on doing stuff for work, which you can also find on Youtube. Both links are here: My Production Channel and TAG Art’s Channel.

Four, I don’t really have any nerdy events to go to this month! I’m going crazy! If you’d like to help me out and suggest something you’d like to see me at, feel free to do so! Just leave me a comment below! ❤


Aaaaaand that’s about it for this Nerdy Update. I’ll be back to my regularly-scheduled blog posting next week! Until then, stay nerdy, my friends. Nanu-Nanu!


Sidenote: I’m super behind on Doctor Who, so if you guys comment with spoilers… you shall feel the wrath of Nerdy Girl. 😐


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