We are Nerd Fighters! (5awesomepeople plug)

Hey guys! Lookit- a post on Wednesday! 8D

First of all, I need to give you guys an update: this Nerdy Girl just got her first full time job! So, that’s right, I’m working two jobs now, which means I’m super busy with stuff. For now I will still get blog posts up on Wednesdays but I may figure out a day that works better every week. If I do, I will let y’all know!

Anyway, for this week’s blog post, I just wanted to highlight a project I have been working on with some friends. We used to do a lot of videos, but life got too busy around four years ago. Now we’re trying to do it again! If you like silly vlogs, then you should follow us on Youtube: 5awesomepeople.

I rapped in my last video (very badly), and I talk about some highly nerdy things which I don’t put on this blog most of the time. To get you started, here’s my video for this week!


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