Halloween is Almost Here!

Okay, so technically, October was here last Wednesday too, but I didn’t quite realize it until just now! (I’m so scatter-brained, guys.) October is one of my favorite months- matched only by September, my birth month. I love eeeeverything about October… the pumpkin flavored everything, the leaves changing color, and especially the Halloween stuff that pops up.

So, considering Halloween *is* this month, I’ve decided to dedicate what is left of the Wednesdays before Halloween to give you Halloween-themed blogs each week! Yes, that’s right! You get… let me check my calendar… FOUR Halloween-themed blogs this month!

I’m going to see how many of them I can actually make costume tutorials from myself, but to get you started this week I wanted to share with you a video that I really super love. It’s also a Halloween tutorial, but it was not created by myself (darn it)! It was done by the amazing people over at Threadbanger. I love them. If you’re interested in DIY-ing up your wardrobe, check them out.

Anywho, this is a tutorial I am following for my Halloween costume this year (which I will not reveal until Halloween!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!), and I love how easy and relatively cheap it is. Make your own straitjacket for Halloween and watch the video below!


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