Big News and A Cosplay Spotlight!

Merry Christmas season, everyone! I hope this post finds you all well. 🙂 I’ve been super busy with work and projects and fiances and engagement stuffs and things, so as you have probably noticed, my Wednesday posts have gone down to every other Wednesday. That’s gonna be the new schedule from now on!


Oh. You saw that little strike through I tried to sneak past you, didn’t you? Weeeelllllll, okaaaaay. Here’s the big news: THIS NERDY GIRL IS GETTIN’ HITCHED, Y’ALL!

That’s right. My Puddin’ over at The Hoosier Batman proposed to me over the weekend and I said yes! ;D And since I’m taking his last name, he’s gonna steal my username. So please welcome Just-A-Nerdy-Guy to the team! We’re now Just-A-Nerdy-Couple! Woo!

Anyway. On to the post!

I know I’ve shown you guys a lot of cosplay stuff from both me and The Hoosier Batman, but I think it’s time I show you all who I get my inspiration from! So here’s a VERY short list of some of the amazing cosplayers I follow (not all are listed here, as this blog would be very long if they were!), and what I like to see from them!

1. First up, Anthony Misiano, aka “Harley’s Joker“. He is my absolute favorite cosplayer of all time! Ever since I discovered his Joker cosplay, I have been in love with him! (In a perfectly normal, healthy, I’m-a-taken-woman kind of way, of course, so don’t worry, Nerdy Guy!) Anthony has his character down pat. His costume is perfect, his hair is perfect, and he even had the right face shape and grin that communicates Joker’s insanity. He even carries around a crow bar, which is my personal favorite when it comes to Joker weapons. ❤

2. Next up is the best Wolverine cosplayer I’ve ever seen – Lonstermash! He looks JUST like Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and look at those nifty claws! This guy cosplays as a range of other characters including Rocky Balboa (which he also pulls off flawlessly), but I can’t get enough of his Wolverine. He also cracks me up with his hilarious holiday-versions of his costume, including an Easter Bunny-Wolverine, a Hannukah-Wolverine, and even a “Jokerine” mash-up.

3. Oh. My. GOSH. I have NEVER seen someone that personifies Tony Stark as well as Fred Props does!!! And this isn’t even his final form! You gotta check out his Facebook to see his amazing WIP’s. If I wasn’t already engaged… whew, this Italian guy’s got my heart. ❤ I love his work! The art he can create with some Pepakura and a few slats of EVA foam is phenomenal. It’s almost like he built an Iron Man suit… in a cave… with a box of scraps! It also helps that Tony Stark is literally my favorite comic book character ever. So no bias there at all. ❤

4. Of course I have to have a favorite Harley Quinn cosplayer! And honestly, it’s so hard to choose because I have a lot! But Enasni Volz does such a great classic Quinn (and a freakin’ awesome DCUO Harley) that I couldn’t pass up featuring her. I am also in love with her Moxxi, even though I have never played Borderlands. She is fabulous! Not only does she make fantastic costumes, but she knows exactly how to pose for pictures, which I find incredibly hard, ha ha! Check out her other awesome stuff too!

5. Last but most definitely not least, is my all-time favorite Batman cosplayer (besides *my* Batman, of course), Kevin Porter. I don’t even know if he calls himself a cosplayer or just an actor. But regardless, he is AMAZING. I love all the Bat In The Sun videos he is in. He epitomizes The Bat to me. It’s as if he stepped right out of the comic books or video games. And the lovely Catwoman in this picture is Tatiana DeKhtyar. Again, it’s like she stepped right out of the comic books or the Arkham games. She is my favorite Catwoman to date and sooo worth checking out. I really hope to see more photo shoots from these guys soon. They are a perfect pair!

Who are some of your favorite cosplayers? Share your links with me in the comment section below! I love meeting other cosplayers!

If you’re looking for someone new to cosplay!stalk on Facebook, why not choose me? ;D Just A Nerdy Girl Cosplay


4 thoughts on “Big News and A Cosplay Spotlight!

  1. Thank you so much for the honor of being in your blog!! All the other cosplayers you featured are beyond talented, too, and I’ve met a couple of them. The other month, Kevin Porter, who I didn’t even know I existed (and I’m still not sure how he found my Instagram picture in the first place), commented that one of my Rocky Balboa IG pics was the “best picture on the internet!” MAN, was I thrilled.

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