I was really debating on doing this today.

Not posting on my blog, mind you. Just debating on what content to update it with. Because I have some REALLY AWESOME news that I have been working on for the last, ohhhh month and a half to two months and it JUST came to fruition. No, literally, like half an hour ago. Anyway, I can hardly contain my excitement so I really want to let you all in on it. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. Because I have a few cool announcements for this week. And then regular nerdy, bloggy stuff will continue in future posts.

All right guys, here’s the skinny.

I just got a job that I have been pursuing for TWO MONTHS. Yes, that’s right, TWO MONTHS. I’m not going to say what kind of job it is or the name of the company for obvious reasons, but I need to explain to you how excited this makes me. Because I am a Communication major, I love marketing and sales and stuff like that. But until now, I have only had the opportunity to work at smaller businesses or colleges in my field – which is great! There is nothing wrong with working for a small company. They are amazing. However, I, personally, wanted to stretch my little freshly-out-of-college wings with a bigger company. Little did I know that a Fortune 500 Company was going to take interest in me.

Yeah, you heard that right. Fortune 500.

Anyway, I saw this job on CareerBuilder while I was bored one day and just decided to submit my app, never really thinking that they would call me. BUT THEY DID. And then I was pushed through their interview process. Every week I had one to two interviews with someone. I prayed about this decision so hard because I was being considered for territories that were very, very far away from home.

Now as all of you probably know, Nerdy Guy and I are engaged. Our original date was October 3rd of this year, but with the possibility of actually leaving the Hoosier state and moving several states away, we were freaking out about wedding plans. So we prayed. We prayed hard. This was going to be a very big decision and not one we were willing to make on our own. We really needed God’s guidance in this.

So, for two months, we spent much of our days in prayer – about many things, of course, but this decision was definitely at the top of our list. Slowly but surely, we began to feel God calling us to this new territory. We dove into His Word. Every song on the radio seemed to be all about just trusting Him during times of confusion. Our church sermons were all about being pushed out of our comfort zone. So, slowly but surely, He began to calm our nerves about this decision.

And then today I got the news. I got a phone call and rushed to answer it. Bam. There it was. The job offer. My start date is June 8th. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?

I have one month to get my booty moved across the country, get married, help out my brother with his wedding (which is two days before I start omg), and find a place to live.

Lord help me.

So any prayer and positive thoughts and well wishes I could get from my awesomely amazing reader-fan-base-people (YOU GUYS), would be soooo appreciated. And I will definitely keep you updated on all the happenings of the Nerdy Couple. 🙂


Nerdy Guy and I will be at C2E2 this year for the first time EVER. So be on the look-out for us. DC costumes Saturday, Marvel on Sunday. I will be updating my Facebook page with more information the closer we get to it, so make sure you like it! The next post you’ll see on this blog will, more than likely, be me squealing about how awesome C2E2 was. So stay tuned!!!



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